Vietnam: U.S. Uniforms in Colour Photographs

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This work combines 40 separate mixtures of uniforms, personal equipment and weapons of US troops in Vietnam - worn by models - in colour photographs of both the front and the rear. The photographs are supported by secondary spreads illustrating, in close-up detail, such topics as web equipment and packs with their typical contents, alternative headgear and insignia. All of the uniforms and items of kit are from private collections, and include rare and sought-after "collectables". The subjects range from the early "advisers" of the period 1963-64 right through the major campaigns of the late 1960s, to the US Army at the beginning of the 1970s. Pictured here are US Army and Marine infantrymen outfitted for different missions, as they evolved throughout the war; tank and armoured cavalry troopers; helicopter crews; advisor's attached to ARVN units; paratroopers; special forces; rangers; army LRRPs and Marine recon troopers.

No.3 (Europa Militaria Special) by Kevin Lyles. 96 pages. Excellent condition, like new, dated 1998.

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