World War 2 - ARP Warden Mk I Brodie Helmet

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A World War 2 Mk I British steel Brodie helmet used by the ARP (Air Raid Precautions), this particular helmet was used by a Warden as indicated by the painted white 'W' to the front of the helmet, Warden’s were civilian volunteers responsible for many duties like ensuring blackouts, reporting bomb damage, handing out gas masks and pre-fabricated shelters, using their local knowledge to help reunite family members displaced by the bombings. This steel helmet appears to be a refurbished World War 1 helmet that was re-used for World War 2, marked WD (William Dodson & Sons) and dated 1939, the original liner is in good condition with oval head pad & drawstring and was made by Helmets Ltd and is also dated 1939, and comes with its original elasticated webbing chin strap.

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