U.S. Army Gentex DH-132/DH-178 Combat Vehicle Crewman Helmet

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A genuine U.S. DH-132/DH-178 CVC (Combat Vehicle Crewman) helmet used by the U.S. Army & Marines. The DH-132 was first introduced into service by the U.S. in 1973 and replaced the T-56-6 CVC helmet. The helmet shell DH-178 is identical to a DH-132 shell and was an original part of a prototype helmet designed for artillerymen use, just 1400 shells were originally made by Gentex in the late 1970's, the shell retains the original Gentex manufactures label, would have been re-issued to complete DH-132 goverment orders. The liner and communications system is that of a DH-132, the headphones MK-1967/G were made by Gentex and have a DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) contract number and are dated 1984, and is supplied with a genuine U.S. adjustable microphone M-138/G. The liner is made by Gentex with a DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) contract number and dated 1984, the liner is complete with rear helmet attachment, two front helmet attachments and an adjustable chin strap, sized Medium. A nice complete CVC helmet that's in very good issued condition.

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