Vietnam War - U.S. M-1950 Lensatic Compass & M1956 Case

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A genuine U.S. Army Vietnam War era M-1950 lensatic field compass supplied with a U.S. M1956 compass case. Replacing the M-1938 compass the M-1950 continues to be used in the U.S. and other army's, its design has remained unchanged and has proven to be an iconic land navigation device. This particular compass is dated December 1965 and was made by the Union Instrument Corp (Plainfield, N.J. USA), the compasses dial appears to be non-working in a fluid motion, however North can be found by tapping the case to free the dials movement, glass has fogging. It's supplied with a genuine U.S. M1956 2nd pattern compass case with slide keepers/ALICE clip to the back, DSA (Defense Supply Agency) contract number and dated 1967.

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