Vietnam War - U.S. Army AN PRR-9 Receiver & AN PRT-4A Transmitter

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Genuine U.S. Vietnam War era Delco Radio Division (G.M.C.) AN/PRR-9 Receiver & AN/PRT-4A Transmitter. These radio sets were first sent to Vietnam in 1967 for use in the field, due to the range performance vs the PRC-25 radios these sets were eventually used for base security, additionally these sets were also used by recon teams in 1968. The AN/PRR-9 unit is a M1 helmet mounted receiver with an ersatz wire antenna, this unit is in good condition with some damage to the bottom casing, comes with the BA-505 cylindrical dry battery & its original retention cord and was made in the late 1960's. The AN/PRT-4 handheld transmitter is a walkie-talkie style radio that works in conjunction with the AN/PRR-9, the transmitter is in very good condition and features a telescopic antenna and two channel switching, comes with a dummy battery made from plastic & is painted OD.


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