Vietnam War - U.S. MX-4430/PRC-47 Battery Terminal Adapter & Dummy Battery

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A genuine U.S. Vietnam War era MX-4430/PRC-47 battery terminal adapter for use with the AN/PRC-47 Radio. The AN/PRC-47 radio was commonly used by the U.S. Marines during the Vietnam War, with evidence of the USAF, USN & U.S. Army also using it during the war. The adapter was made by the Collins Radio Company USA and is dated 1967 with a government contract number. The adapter has been attached to a hollow wooden box to simulate being attached to a dry battery, the box was custom made by a film production company prop dept for use in a movie, appears the adapter is glued either side of the wooden box and could be pried apart if needed, or left as is for a nice display piece as the batteries are quite hard to find nowadays, adapter and box measures: 274mm x 298mm x 104mm (10.7" x 11.7" x 4").


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