U.S. Radio Headset H-161C/U

U.S. Radio Headset H-161C/U

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A genuine and complete issued U.S. Astrocom H-161C/U military radio headset with cables. This radio headset was used by combat vehicle crews and infantry, it consists of headset that can be worn under the M1 infantry helmet with fully adjustable M138/G boom microphone, each wire ends with a U-229/U connector to plug into the radio or VIC-1 equipment. The headset end is terminated with molded quick release bail-out type connector. The release-to-listen action key switch has three positions: Centre OFF position, a spring-loaded push-to-talk RAD position and an ICS position. Untested in excellent condition, post-Vietnam War manufacture date of 1977 with DSA (Defense Supply Agency) contract number.

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