Vietnam War - U.S. M1 Helmet & Mitchell Cover

Vietnam War - U.S. M1 Helmet & Mitchell Cover

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An excellent example of a genuine U.S. M1 helmet. This M1 helmet was originally made for World War 2 and has a rarer front seam, it could also have been used in the Korean War and then finally the Vietnam War. It comes with rare green painted metalwork to the chin strap. The Mitchell cover is the thicker twill variant with a contact number of DSA-100-3937 indicating it was made in 1966. Very early 60's P64 liner with the glossy walnut brown finish, webbing and black A washers are in good condition, leather sweatband is in good shape and is DSA marked and dated 1964, and comes supplied with a rare genuine Vietnam War era elastic strap. A very nice early Vietnam War era M1 helmet.

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