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New Vietnam War - U.S. Army Airborne M-1951 Field Jacket

Product no.: 3279

1964/65 Dated, Regular-Medium, up to 43" chest.

£145.00 *
In stock

New Vietnam War - U.S. M1C Paratrooper Helmet & Mitchell Cover

Product no.: 3206

1968-70 Parish M1, 1965 Westinghouse liner, 1974 Mitchell.

£295.00 *
In stock

New Vietnam War - Command Sergeant Major Paul A Price Grouping

Product no.: 3288

3rd Pattern Jungle Jacket, Beret, Paperwork, ID's.

£395.00 *
In stock

New Vietnam War - U.S. M1C Paratrooper Helmet & P55 Liner

Product no.: 2115

Rare P55 Paratrooper liner, 1944 WW2 McCord M1, 1965 Mitchell.

£395.00 *
In stock

New Vietnam War - USMC M1941 Upper Pack Haversack

Product no.: 3286

USMC Upper pack, dated 1967.

£99.00 *
In stock

New Vietnam War - U.S. Army 1st Signal Brigade Jungle Jacket 3rd Pattern

Product no.: 2486

1966 Dated, up to 42" chest.

£145.00 *
In stock

New World War 2 - U.S. McCord M1 Helmet

Product no.: 1858

McCord 1945 M1, Inland/Firestone liner, United Carr leather chin strap.

£495.00 *
In stock

New U.S. Army M-1951 Combat Field Trousers

Product no.: 2204

M-1951, Short-Medium, waist 35" (31"-35").

£125.00 *
In stock

New Vietnam War - U.S. Army M65 Field Jacket

Product no.: 3280

1967 Dated, Regular-Medium, upto 46" chest

£145.00 *
In stock
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